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More Professional:21 years silicone rubber R&D experience

  • 21 years experience of silicone rubber R&D and production,with monthly output 1000 tons of solid silicone rubber ,300 tons liquid silicone rubber and 200 tons silicone oil;
  • Win 2014 National High-tech Enterprise Certification;
  • Pass ISO9001:2008;

Better Quality:Reach EU& US testing standars,better processability

  • Faster curing speed,better mould release,better processing performance and better mobility;
  • Higher automation,greatly reduced the poor quality products caused by artificial participation;

Customize:Special R&D department with several experts

  • All series of silicone rubber can be offered special solutions according to your product features;
  • A 12 experts professional R&D team;
  • Supported by Wuhan University of Science and Technology Research Laboratory;

Better Service:

  • Stable superior raw material supplier,environmental and safe;
  • Advanced automatic machines and precise testing instruments;
  • Stable and strict quality control system;
  • Perfect quality control process, feed, material control strict;


DongguanShi Tian'an silicone Tech Co., Ltd.
    DongguanShi Tian'an silicone Tech Co., Ltd.. was established in 2008, is a collection of scientific research, development, production and sales as one of the organic silicone rubber, liquid silicone rubber, silicone oil and silicone special additives of state-l...
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